Copy Number


The putative cancer-causing CDKs/Cyclins driven by SCNAs in each cancer type were identified by four criteria: 1) located in a peak region of a significantly recurrent focal SNCA locus estimated by the genomic identification of significant targets in cancer (GISTIC2) algorithm, (q≤0.25); 2) altered with high frequency and large amplitude (G-score ≥0.1); 3) mRNA reliably detected in at least 10% of tumor specimens in the given cancer type (90th percentile of FPKM value ≥1); and 4) mRNA significantly and positively correlated with copy numbers (Pearson P-value less than 0.001).


Summary of the CDKs/cyclins located in the recurrent focal SCNAs identified by GISTIC in each cancer type

Summary of the G-score of the CDKs/Cyclins in each cancer type

List of the putative cancer-causing CDKs/cyclins driven by SCNAs in each cancer type

Pan-cancer level overall G-score of CDKs/cyclins that recurrently gained or lost copy number in at least one cancer types


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