The Functional Cancer Genome portal (FCG) was supported in part by the Abramson Cancer Center, the Basser Center, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Harry Fields Professorship.


This database is developed by a computational biology group led by Dr. Jiao Yuan.



1.      Yuan J, Hu Z, Mahal B, Zhao S, Kensler K, Pi J, Hu X, Wang Y, Jiang J, Zhang Y, Li C, Zhong X, Montone K, Guan G, Tanyi J, Fan Y, Xu X, Long M, Morgan M, Zhang Y, Zhang R, Sood A, Rebbeck T, Dang C, Zhang L. Integrated analysis of genetic ancestry and genomic alterations across cancers. Cancer Cell. 2018;34(4):549-60

2.      Hu Z, Zhou J, Jiang J, Yuan J, Zhang Y, Wei X, Loo N, Wang Y, Pan Y, Zhang T, Zhong X, Long M, Montone K, T, Tanyi J, L, Fan Y, Wang T, L, Shih I, M, Hu X, Zhang L. Genomic characterization of genes encoding histone acetylation modulator proteins identifies therapeutic targets for cancer treatment. Nature Communications. 2019;10(1):733

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4.      Hu X, Feng Y, Zhang D, Zhao SD, Hu Z, Greshock J, Zhang Y, Yang L, Zhong X, Wang LP, Jean S, Li C, Huang Q, Katsaros D, Montone KT, Tanyi JL, Lu Y, Boyd J, Nathanson KL, Li H, Mills GB, Zhang L. A functional genomic approach identifies FAL1 as an oncogenic long noncoding RNA that associates with BMI1 and represses p21 expression in cancer. Cancer Cell. 2014; 26(3):344-57. PMC4159613

5.      Shan W, Yuan J, Hu Z, Jiang J, Loo N, Wang Y, Fan L, Tang Z, Pan Y, Zhang T, Xu M, Lu J, Long M, Tanyi J, Montone K, Fan Y, Hu X, Zhang Y, Zhang L. Systematic characterization of recurrent genomic alterations in CDKs reveals potential therapeutic strategies for cancer treatment. Under review. 2020


Cancer Types: 33
Tumor Specimens: 11,122
Data Types: 6 ( Expression; CNV; Methylation; SNP; Mutation; Protein )

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