The Cancer LncRNome Atlas

TCLA Data Sets

TCLA currently contains data from 13 cancer types of the TCGA studies. The raw data of each platform were retrieved from the TCGA Data Portal and the NCI's Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub). The table below lists the number of available samples per cancer study and data type.

Each link in the table below contains information on lncRNA expression, copy number alterations (focal alterations and high-frequent alterations), promoter methylation and cancer-associated SNPs in a given cancer type.

Please select the cancer type that you are interested in:

Cancer TypeAbbreviation of Cancer TypesRNA-seqSNP arrayDNA methylation array
Bladder Urothelial CarcinomaBLCA19211242242  
Breast Invasive CarcinomaBRCA1069901041104196716
Colon AdenocarcinomaCOAD2123343743738273
Glioblastoma MultiformeGBM 167184184  
Head and Neck Squamous Cell CarcinomaHNSC4242551351350458
Kidney Renal Clear Cell CarcinomaKIRC72507520520160296
Acute Myeloid LeukemiaLAML 162200200  
Lung AdenocarcinomaLUAD5848149649632437
Lung Squamous Cell CarcinomaLUSC5048249349342359
Ovarian Serous CystadenocarcinomaOV 419571571  
Prostate AdenocarcinomaPRAD4525625825849252
Skin Cutaneous MelanomaSKCM 334374374  
Uterine Corpus Endometrial CarcinomaUCEC11370531531  

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