The Cancer LncRNome Atlas

The Functional Cancer Genome portal (FCG) was supported in part by the Basser Center, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the Harry Fields Professorship.


1.      Hu X, Feng Y, Zhang D, Zhao SD, Hu Z, Greshock J, Zhang Y, Yang L, Zhong X, Wang LP, Jean S, Li C, Huang Q, Katsaros D, Montone KT, Tanyi JL, Lu Y, Boyd J, Nathanson KL, Li H, Mills GB, Zhang L. A functional genomic approach identifies FAL1 as an oncogenic long noncoding RNA that associates with BMI1 and represses p21 expression in cancer. Cancer Cell. 2014; 26(3):344-57. PMC4159613

      Editorial by: Cancer Cell 2014; 26(3):303
                          Cancer Discovery 2014; 4(11):1253
                          Nature Medicine 2014; 20(10):1105

2.      Yan X, Hu Z, Feng Y, Hu X, Yuan J, Zhao SD, Zhang Y, Yang L, Shan W, He Q, Fan L, Kandalaft LE, Tanyi JL, Li C, Yuan CX, Zhang D, Yuan H, Hua K, Lu Y, Katsaros D, Huang Q, Montone K, Fan Y, Coukos G, Boyd J, Sood AK, Rebbeck T, Mills GB, Dang CV, Zhang L. Comprehensive Genomic Characterization of Long Non-coding RNAs across Human Cancers. Cancer Cell. 2015; 28(4):529-40. PMC4777353

      Editorial by: Cancer Discovery 2016; Jan;6(1) doi: 10.1158/2159-8290

3.      Zhang Y, He Q, Hu Z, Feng Y, Fan L, Tang Z, Yuan J, Shan W, Li C, Hu X, Tanyi JL, Fan Y, Huang Q, Montone K, Dang CV, Zhang L. Long noncoding RNA LINP1 regulates repair of DNA double-strand breaks in triple-negative breast cancer. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 2016; 23(6):522-30. PMC4927085

      Editorial by: Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 2016; 6(1): 330
                          Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2016; 23(6): 509

Cancer Types: 13
Tumor Specimens: 5,037
Data Types: 4 ( Expression; CNV; Methylation; SNP )
LncRNAs subject to analysis: 13,562
Pseudogenes subject to analysis: 14,181

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